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Developed by Pioneer Concepts with Ohana Green Products, 
a Native American Woman-owned, Veteran Enterprise…

We’ve Engineered A Natural Way to Clean that Dries in Seconds.

Learn how to stop cross contamination and see how we uncover germs:

See how easy it is to remove grease and grime:


Germ Removal and Slip and Fall Prevention with No Poison or Pesticides.

Kleenz Dri – All Purpose Super Cleaner

Our Product is Suited For Multiple Surfaces.

The Kleenz Dri patented formula is well-suited to use on:
  • Floors
  • Tile
  • Countertops
  • Tables
  • Glass
  • Stainless steel surfaces
  • Entire kitchen surfaces (food-safe)
  • Entire restroom surfaces
  • Frequently touched surfaces
  • Soda machine areas
  • Also ideally suited for sensitive electronics
Cleans and dries in seconds – no scent, no streaks.
For surfaces use a paper towel. For floors use a disposable or reusable, washable pad.

Kleenz Dri – All Purpose Super Cleaner

Stop cross contamination 100% in both Commercial and Residential locations.

Kleenz Dri is the highest alcohol content
all-in-one cleaner.

Formulated for an instantly safer, cleaner environment. It’s plant based and made from naturally derived ingredients.

This patented unscented super cleaner is engineered to lift oil, grease, grime, and dirt from non-porous surfaces including granite, quartz, soapstone, stainless steel, plastic, and glass without bleach or harsh chemicals. Simply spray and wipe surface with a clean paper towel and discard. Stop cross contamination.

This alcohol-based cleaner cleans and dries so thoroughly it leaves no moisture on the clean surface.

Works great to clean electronic and mobile devices.
All natural. Lifts Germs.

Available in 4 oz., 32 oz. and one gallon sizes.

Kleenz Dri - 5 Stars - Fast Drying cleaner & degreaser that drys in seconds.

Used by 5 star Restaurants

Kleenz Dri – All Purpose Super Cleaner

We’ve Developed a Pro Active Product

KleenzDri cleans and eliminates moisture.

Since it’s fast drying, KleenzDri cleans and eliminates moisture – 
the same moisture that is a bacterial breeding ground, thereby reduces germs.

Wet floors are a huge issue. In fact, slip-and-fall accidents are the second-largest insurance 
claim in the U.S. Pro-active products for slip and fall prevention may actually 
reduce insurance premiums.

KleenzDri helps with slip and fall prevention.

Formulated by a world-wide top 10% Trip Advisor restaurateur team.

Revolutionizing How to Clean
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Intl Sanitary Supply Assoc
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Featured in Inventors Spotlight
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KleenzDRI lifts 99.97% of germs from surfaces as shown in our lab results.
Amazing results achieved naturally!

The patented dirt extraction formula also cuts oil, lifts grease and residue.

  • Great for Residential and Commercial uses.
  • It’s an alcohol containing, plant based cleaner made from naturally derived ingredients.
  • No streaking and no sticky residue.
  • No bleach. No fragrances. No dyes.
  • No ammonia. No glycol.
  • Not formulated for killing or sanitizing germs.

Feel better knowing you’re offering a safer environment while protecting your family, your customers, your staff and your company.

Introducing a New Solution

Kleenz Dri All-in-One Super Cleaner

Kleenz Dri clean & degrease the germiest public places.

Restaurant menus, condiment dispensers, table, chairs, countertops, floors and throughout your entire facility.

Kleenz Dri dries in seconds, it helps to minimize slip and fall accidents, no company can afford bad publicity especially when falls are preventable.

Kleenz Dri all-in-one Cleaner for the Hospitality Industry

Slip & Falls are the Second Leading Cause of Personal Injury. Top 5 Workers’ Comp Claims & Primary Cause of lost days from work.


KleenzDRI is the highest alcohol based cleaner on the market. Engineered to dry in seconds, not minutes, to help reduce slip and fall accidents. Maintain a safe environment at home and work.

How to use Kleenz Dri on Floors

Step 1: For best results, do away with your old cotton mop and bucket!

Step 2: Use a flat mop with a dry pad. Spray Kleenz DRI on floor, mop the desired area and dispose of the dirty pad when finished.

Step 3: To avoid grimy carryover, replace mop pads after cleaning each area/room.

To spot clean or wipe up spills on floor, simply use spray bottle and apply a few squirts to troubled area. For best results, use a flat mop with disposable, dry pad or paper towel and wipe until dry. Dispose of pad or paper towel after each use.


Wet, sticky tables, menus and condiments are unsanitary, dirty and smelly. Very unappealing to your guests.


Kleenz Dri is engineered to lift unwanted particles, odors and to cut through the toughest dirt and sticky grime all while drying in seconds. Simply spray wipe and clean.

How to use Kleenz Dri on Tables

Step 1: Discard your odor-filled, grimy, wet bar towels to help reduce dirt carryover.

Step 2: Using spray bottle, apply a few sprays on surface and wipe each table clean with disposable paper towels or napkins for best results. Discard dirty paper towel or napkin after each use to avoid cross contamination 100%.


Repeatedly used wet bar towels. Numerous studies have shown that odors, dirt and grime are trapped in these fabric towels and can be a significant source of transferring grime across countertops and barware.


Using Kleenz Dri with a dry, disposable paper towel to lift and remove dirt and grime eliminates the need for bar towels. We recommend disposing used paper towels after cleaning each area.


A used cotton mop and bucket pushes and spreads grease and grime not only on the area you are cleaning but to other areas as well. This also greatly increases the risk of slip and fall accidents.

Spray directly on to floor. Mop with a new, dry pad.


Use Kleenz DRI with a flat mop and a clean, dry pad to cut through oil, grease, dirt and grime. Change pad after each area cleaned to stop cross contamination. Floors cleaned this way dry rapidly and leave no residue behind helping to minimize slip and fall accidents.


Hard-to-clean spills like beverages, oil and honey make a mess and create dissatisfied customers often ruining experiences.


Kleenz DRI was formulated to lift, wipe away and discard the toughest of challenges with ease and still dry in seconds! No residue. No streaking.

Kleenz Dri is NOT a concentrate. Do NOT add water.
Kleenz Dri is ready to use. Do NOT freeze. Store at room temperature

All-in-One Cleaner for The Hospitality Industry, Grocers and C-stores PDFs download:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any other product line that is similar to Kleenz DRI that dries in seconds?2021-08-12T15:13:44+00:00

Kleenz DRI is a first-to-market cleaner engineered to dry in seconds. We recognize the importance that seconds matter, especially in high-traffic areas, to prevents slips and falls.

What makes Kleenz DRI a super cleaner?2021-08-12T15:13:30+00:00

Kleenz DRI, an alcohol based cleaner, was engineered to lift and clean dirty, oily, grimy, sticky surfaces while leaving no residue behind.

For restaurant use, should I be using my bar towels with this product?2021-08-12T15:13:21+00:00

We recommend using a clean, dry disposable paper towel or napkin to effectively clean tables and other surfaces.

How do I use Kleenz DRI for spot spills on the floors?2021-08-12T15:09:56+00:00

Using the spray bottle, spray the affected area and wipe with a dry disposable paper towel or dry fiber wipe, to lift and remove the spill.

Can I use Kleenz DRI on my carpet or fabrics?2021-08-12T15:12:29+00:00

Yes. Kleenz Dri can be used for spills on carpets or fabrics.

Are there concerns of Kleenz DRI being an alcohol based cleaner?2021-08-12T15:09:04+00:00

Like most cleaners, Kleenz DRI is not for human consumption. It should not be sprayed on an open flame.

Can I pour a gallon of KleenzDRI in my mop bucket?2022-02-10T03:15:16+00:00

No. KleenzDRI was designed to be used with a flat mop and dry pad. Do not use with a wet cotton mop or sponge mop. KleenzDRI efficiently lifts oil, grease and grime into the mop pad or paper towel to clean and dry surfaces.

Can I use Kleenz DRI in both residential and commercial bathrooms and kitchens?2021-08-12T15:08:33+00:00

Yes, it is great on all tile floors and walls, grout, sinks, tubs, toilets, metal faucets, mirrors and kitchen tile floors, refrigerator, stove, counter-top and stainless steel.

Is Kleenz DRI an all-purpose cleaner?2021-08-12T15:08:17+00:00

Yes. Kleenz Dri is alcohol based and works on floors, tables, countertops, tile, glass and other non-porous surfaces.

Is Kleenz DRI a concentrate?2021-08-12T15:07:35+00:00

No, Kleenz DRI is a RTU (Ready To Use) product line.

How do I order KleenzDRI?2022-02-10T02:15:27+00:00

Please contact us using our contact form.

Customers Review/Feedback

I am super impressed with Kleenz Dri! I use Kleenz Dri on a daily basis throughout my entire Restaurant. I found it to not only be a great cleaner but also a huge labor saver by its’ true effectiveness of cleaning and lifting all the dirt and grime. I feel we have created a much cleaner and safer environment for our staff as well as our customers. The drying times are just as impressive as the cleaning capabilities.
– Laura P. – GM, Restaurant

I oversee 8 buildings in my complex of condo/timeshares with weekly rentals. We have a number of high traffic tiled areas such as our main lobby, entrances and exits in each building as well as hallways in front of the elevators. My cleaning crew cleans countless bathrooms and kitchens throughout the complex. My team and I have found KleenzDRI to be so effective at cleaning all surfaces. The fast-drying times on the tile floors create a much safer environment for our guests. Finally, a product line that addresses the importance of fast drying times! Thank you!
– Phil M – Facilities Maintenance Dir

This super cleaner is fantastic. For once, a product performs the way it says it does. I’ve yet to find and area that KleenzDRI cannot tackle. I use it in the front house and back house. I’m discarding my other cleaners as I’ve finally found ONE that does it all. I’ve also discarded my dirty cotton mop and bucket and I’m now using a sprayer mop with KleenzDRI. My floors are clean and most importantly dry in seconds. I HIGHLY KleenzDRI to all my fellow Restauranteurs!
– Colleen C – Owner, Restaurant

As the owner of a Cleaning Company, my team and I clean 35 houses and we are growing to more. I wanted to give a shout-out to KleenzDRI. This cleaner is extremely effective at cleaning all the stainless-steel appliances, removing fingerprints and even better does not leave any residue behind on all surfaces including glass. It makes my teams’ job a lot easier in our daily challenges we face cleaning the kitchens and bathrooms…. from the tile floors, to the walls and countertops, sinks, grout, mirrors and much more.
– Joyce T – Owner, Cleaning Company

Ngaire Green Partner

Kleenz Dri Ngaire

Ngaire who you see holding a bottle of Kleenz Dri has 45 years in a variety of different roles in the restaurant industry. When she was shown this product, she was skeptically optimistic, she thought:
What a great concept, here is something that cleans and dries almost instantly! What a possible game changer. An end to slippery floors after cleaning!
The skepticism ended when she tried the product herself. A natural, pesticide free cleaning product that actually worked! Not only for floors but ALL cleaning needs!

Ngaire was born in Hawaii in 1959. Her mother 100% native Hawaiian, her father Japanese and Pilipino, together gave her the gift of Hawaii. She was ultimately raised by her paternal grandfather and grandmother. In her early teens she began working part time in a restaurant in California where one thing led to another and ultimately she managed, started and ran a variety of restaurants. She has experience at every level of the restaurant business and feels that this new product Kleenz Dri is going to be a game changer.

Ngaire felt so strongly about this new cleaning product that she started a new company Ohana Green Products, LLC. (Ohana is family in Hawaiian). Ohana Green Products, LLC is a minority owned and operated company. This company is planning on taking Kleenz Dri nationally and ultimately worldwide.

You can always trust and depend on KleenzDRI!

Product Pricing

Available Sizes & Pricing:

Minimum Order: 1 pallet (50 cases) 12 triggers per case
Pallet Price: $2,910.00 ($4.85/per piece)

Minimum Order: 2 pallets (72 cases) 4 gallons per case
Pallet Price: $2,692.80 ($9.35/per piece)

FOB – Pennsylvania.
Kleenz Dri is not a concentrate.
RTU product line.


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